Your child’s health is a matter of major importance to all of us. Upon enrollment, you must file with us a Universal Health Form, required from the state that is completed and signed by a physician.  All standard and required immunizations must be up to date and a tuberculin clearance given, recorded on our immunization record.  Please make your classroom teacher aware of any food allergies or allergic reactions that we should be aware of.  Children’s Garden Staff will not administer medications.  If your child has a communicable disease, a doctor’s note will be requested for his/her return to school. 

     We request that you keep your child at home if:

     ....He/she has a fever or has had one during the previous 24 hr.      

     ....He/she has a heavy nasal discharge.

     ....He/she is fussy, cranky, or just generally unlike themselves.

     ....He/she has symptoms of a communicable disease.

Please contact the school at once if your child has a communicable disease

Policy on the Management of Communicable Diseases

If a child exhibits any of the following symptoms he/she should not attend school.

……Severe pain or discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting, temperature of 101, sore throat, severe coughing, yellow eyes, jaundice skin, red eyes with discharge, infected, untreated skin patches, difficult or rapid breathing, skin lesions that are weeping or bleeding, swollen joints, visibly enlarged lymph nodes, stiff neck, blood in urine. 

 If such symptoms occur while at school the child will be isolated from the group and the parent will be called to take them home.


School Field Trips

During the school year we plan trips to the apple farm, pumpkin picking and at least one live theater performance for all classes.  Weather dictates our ability to go on scheduled outdoor trips.  Whenever possible we will re-schedule if we have had to cancel any outdoor activity. If any fee has been collected and we were unable to reschedule, we will credit your tuition account for the amount paid.  Parents are asked to carpool to the fieldtrips.  


Birthday Celebrations

We celebrate each child’s birthday in their classroom.  We encourage you to bring in munchkins/special snack that your child can share with their classmates and that make him/her feel special.  Those with dietary restrictions are asked to provide an approved special snack to be served on these occasions.  The birthday child will receive a birthday crown, birthday book, and get to choose a treat from the birthday treasure chest. Our summer birthdays are celebrated during the month of May. You will be notified in advance of your child’s special summer birthday celebration day.



We serve a snack daily. It usually consists of apple juice, crackers, graham crackers, cream cheese & crackers, or pretzel & cheese fish.  Children’s Garden is a peanut free building.  Snack items purchased by the Children’s Garden contain no peanut products.  We try to vary the combinations so the children have something different each day.  Parents are welcome to send in a “special snack” to be shared with their child’s class classroom, but of course these snacks must not contain any peanut products. If your child has dietary restrictions or food allergies we would respectfully request that you send in his/her snack in a bag, labeled with their name and he/she will be sure to get it.  Extra treats may be sent in and kept in the school freezer, labeled and used for birthday celebrations in the classroom. 

 Please make sure that your child’s classroom teacher is aware of any dietary restrictions or allergies so that the necessary precautions can be taken and we can post it in the classroom.


Toys From Home

Toys from home are usually not a good idea.  Sometimes the child does not want to share his possession, and it can become a classroom problem.  There is also the possibility that the toy would be broken, and then the child becomes upset.  We would prefer that toys remain at home, except for “show-n-tell” days.  There may also be that special treasure that they would like to show the class that, after shown, can be left on the teacher’s desk safely until the end of the day.


The word “Discipline” comes from the word “disciple”....meaning to teach or guide.  That sums up our philosophy on discipline.  We use these times as teachable moments.  We use the 1, 2 3 method.  Our school uses a “time-out” chair only when a child’s behavior proves harmful to himself or others. Then they may be asked to take a “time-out”.  The amount of time is determined by their age; one minute for each year of age (3) minutes for a 3-year old, (5) minutes for a 5-year old. They then will be asked to rejoin the normal classroom activities.  Should this action fail to achieve the desired result, the parents will be notified, and a parent-teacher conference will be scheduled.

The Children’s Garden reserves the right to withdraw a child from our program if the child continually shows behavior that can be harmful to themselves or others,  shows un-readiness for a school group experience, or it is determined that he/she has special needs that Children’s Garden cannot meet. If after evaluation and documentation it is determined that Children’s Garden cannot meet the child’s educational/emotional needs a conference will be scheduled and a referral will be issued to the local Child Study Team for additional testing and evaluation.  Upon this referral a 4 week time frame will be given to find another school.

Should the child’s behavior prove harmful to themselves or others and a time-out is insufficient; the parent/guardian/approved escort will be notified and the child will be removed for the school day. The parent/guardian will be notified in a letter the detailed reasons for the removal and a conference will be scheduled to determine whether the child will be re-admitted to our program.  Should the decision be made that the child’s behavior is indeed harmful to himself or others immediate expulsion will follow.

Children’s Garden reserves the right to remove a child after a period of 2 missed regular scheduled tuition payments for lack of payment  After written notification a period of 1 week will be given to locate another school.          

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