Gathering Time: The classroom teacher will greet children while parents sign them in. Tabletop activities are offered such as puzzles, playdoh, manipulatives, crayons, etc. This time allows children to create while social skills are developed.

Bible Time: Bible time is on Wednesday & Thursday’s. Children will be introduced to God’s word and His love through stories from the Bible. Pre-K students will receive their own Study Bible; they will be given Bible homework at the end of each story and will receive a sticker for their Bible when homework is completed. Nursery will bring home a coloring page depicting their Bible story.

Circle Time: Calendar activities are introduced (month, day, year) along with the season and weather of the day. Math skills are introduced through number recognition, counting, patterning. Daily classroom jobs are assigned. The theme, the letter, shape, number and color of the week are introduced.

Story Time: The story will reflect either the theme of the day, the holiday season, the Reading Readiness story or the Nursery Rhyme.

Arts & Crafts: These activities aide in the development of fine motor skills through the use of scissors, glue, paste, and paint while encouraging children to feel pride in something that they have created.

Snack Time: Snacks served daily consist of apple juice, water, graham crackers, gold fish, crackers & cream cheese or jelly. Social skills, table manners, social awareness are introduced.

Math: Colors, Shapes, concepts, number recognition will all be done according to the age level & development of each group.

Outside Time: Free play and directed play on our playground promote balance, hand-eye coordination and group play.

Classroom Center Time: Children can use this time to play in the block center, kitchen center, easel painting, and dress-up center, etc. This activity promotes dramatic play, role-playing and group play.

Music & Movement: An intricate part of the pre-school experience using voice, bodies, sign language and instruments.

Closing Circle: Story time, time to review and reinforce the day’s activities.

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