We welcome children between 3 and 5 years of age. Age groupings are based on the child's age as of October 1st of each year. Groupings are flexible, and a child may be moved from one group to another to meet special needs. All children must be toilet trained and able to take care of their own personal toilet needs.

The Children's Garden class sizes are kept small, with a teacher and classroom aide in each classroom. All objectives of The Children's Garden Nursery Curriculum are considered introductions. We recognize that three and young four year-olds are developing quickly and uniquely in many ways. Therefore, while "beginning academic" skills are introduced, we accept and nurture the individual development of each child. We recognize developmental and social skills as the most important areas of learning for this age. We desire to encourage imagination, creativity through daily crafts, and good self-esteem, which will help foster the love of learning.

Music and movement are part of our daily curriculum. We sing silly songs as well as Christian songs. Daily movement is important to the development of gross motor skills, and will help burn up that immeasurable amount of energy! Our weekly Bible time includes dramatic play, crafts and developing a personal relationship with Jesus through stories from the Bible. During our Open House each year, our teachers will fully explain the entire curriculum and goals for their classrooms. Please feel free to ask questions concerning the classroom curriculum at that time. We at The Children's Garden view the pre-school age child as a delicate flower that needs to be nurtured and loved in order to reach their full potential. If you have any questions please call Karen Mucci, Director at the 856-728-4535.

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