Miss Karen ~ Director & Bible Time Teacher
Bible Time Objectives:
  • To know that the Bible is God's word and His rule book for our lives
  • To develop a sense of God's love and begin to develop a personal relationship with Him
  • To learn that all of us our created with our own special talents and gifts
  • To develop a prayer life, learning that God is always available to us through prayer
  • To use our Bible stories to lead our preschoolers in their growing faith
Bible Time:
Once a week we gather together as a group to sing Bible songs and listen to a Bible story. The children will take turns revealing a clue to each new story. Our special Bible Time friend is a doggy named Blu (he is a puppet who thinks he is a real doggy). The children look forward to Blu visiting their classroom and love to see how the clue is used in each story.
Our stories may be broken down into several weeks and will come from both the Old and New Testaments. We also use a flannelgraph to make the Bible come alive for the children.  The children may be asked to assist by placing flannel pieces on the board as the story progresses. Open discussion is encouraged. Dramatic play and games may also a part of our Bible time. Crafts are (sometimes) planned to reinforce our story. 
At the conclusion of each story the Pre- K children will bring home "Bible Homework." When they complete their homework (with parents help) they will bring it back to school along with their Study Bible and receive a sticker on the inside of the cover of their Bible. Their Study Bibles are a gift from the school and is theirs to keep and treasure forever.
The Nursery Classes will hear the same stories. They may be modified or shortened to be more age appropriate. Their homework will be a coloring page depicting the story. On the back of the coloring page I will tell you the story so you may review it with them. They may return the coloring page for a sticker.

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