Pre-Kindergarten Classes are for children who will be turning 4 by October 1st of the current school year. We will accept children based on Kindergarten birthday requirements for their school district.  For instance, Washington Township has a Kindergarten start date for children whose birthdays are by October 15th. Therefore, they would be accepted under their specific requirements.

Our Reading Readiness Program is the Pre-Kindergarten, Superkids- Happily Ever After - Curriculum. It is a 10 Unit readiness program “designed to give children the foundation they need to be successful when they begin formal reading instruction.” The children will be introduced to a new and beautifully illustrated story at the beginning of each unit. They will develop auditory skills by listening to stories on CD’s and learn comprehension by answering questions about the story. They will learn to follow directions by listening to instructions both by teacher and the CD’s. Their fine motor skills will be developed by the use of crayons, pencils, cutting, gluing and tracing.  They will also be exposed to emergent writing, letter recognition and beginning sounds.

This Reading Readiness program contains all the skills necessary for them to be successful in Kindergarten. The curriculum is fun and engaging.  Our children are exposed to a wide range of age appropriate academic skills but our philosophy is to prepare them socially and emotionally for the challenges that school holds.  Each child is at a different maturation level and will not grasp all the academic skills, but we believe we can help them to self-regulate behavior and learn to love school. These goals are achieved by daily routine and consistent expectations for behavior.

Along with reading readiness they will also be introduced to many math skills, such as, number recognition, graphing, patterning, 1 to 1 correspondence, shapes and sizes.

Each month you will receive a calendar and newsletter that will inform you of the skills being introduced to the children. Each month will consist of a new Unit.  The Unit will include: the new story, upper and lowercase letters, color, math concepts and theme.

The skills will be introduced and reinforced during Circle Time and with activities and crafts. The children will have daily jobs that will include some of the Unit skills such as counting, calendar and weather.  You will see the Bulletin Boards in the classroom and hallway change with each new unit.

An Open House will be held at the end of September. Your child’s teacher will then explain the curriculum in detail. This will give each parent an opportunity to sit in the classroom and experience a day in the life of a Children’s Garden student.

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